क्या आप अपने मोबाइल से कुछ इनकम करना चाहते हें ? … जी हां मोबाइल से कुछ इनकम….मोबाइल से कुछ इनकम नहीं बहोत ज्यादा इनकम वोभी बिल कुल फ्री और एकदम इजी|

आपने सायद HYPSTAR के बारेमे सुना या जाना होगा … अगर नहीं जानते तो में आपको बताता हु के HYPSTAR क्या है

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HYPSTAR में आप अपने विडियो अपलोड करके  डॉलर में इनकम कर सकते हो जितने ज्यादा लोग आपके विडियो लोग देखेंगे उतने ही Flame (Points) आपको मिलते रहेंगे

  • 1 Flame = 0.0015 $

Withdrawal requirement:

1. You will need to have a PayPal account in order to request a cash withdrawal from Hypstar. You should make sure your PayPal account information provided to Hypstar is accurate, complete and update-to-date, and you will be solely responsible for any consequences as a result of inaccurate or incomplete PayPal account information being provided.2. The minimum amount for making a cash withdrawal request from Hypstar is US$1. You can only withdraw when you have an account balance of more than US$1. Each user can withdraw no more than US$200 per calendar day.3. You can withdraw money at anytime.4. Going to withdraw indicates you agree with ourTerms of Services.


1. Will there be any fee for withdrawal?Hystar will not charge you any fee for processing your withdrawal request. However, . Paypal might charge transaction fees for processing your cash withdrawal request or any follow-up requests. You can visit PayPal’s official website to learn more about their transaction fees.2. How long will it take to receive my cash?Each withdrawal application will be manually reviewed and processed by Hypstar for security reasons within 2 days of receipt. However, PayPal may place your funds on hold for a further period of time (at their sole discretion) due to their screening requirements. Therefore, please allow a further period of 21 calendar days for funds to be transferred to your PayPal account. We will try to process withdrawal requests in a timely manner, however we do not guarantee that payments will be made within a specific period.

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